Villa Roof Waterproofing

Our villa roof waterproofing service fully refurbishes your roof using modern roofing technologies. You’ll have a completely restored roof with a waterproof guarantee and all the other advantages of our roofing system.


We use a seamless, crack-bridging roofing system to create a waterproof layer on your roof and guarantee its effectiveness for up to 10 Years.


We use materials designed for the harsh summers of the region, so your roof keeps its properties and keeps performing under extreme temperatures.


We use a highly solar reflective topcoat that reflects more UV rays, and the roof absorbs less heat. This leads to lower ambient temperatures around your villa and lower cooling costs inside your villa.


Vegetation taking root on your roof can cause deep and extensive damage to the substrate. Our roofing system’s anti-root properties prevent that from happening.


If your roof gets damaged due to mishaps by third parties, it’s quick, easy, and cost effective to spot repair.


Our roofing system requires no special chemicals to clean so you can clean your roof with regular detergents.


The cause of your roof leak will depend on the type of roofing system installed on your roof. For flat concrete roofs, the most common causes of leaks are a failure at the expansion joints and isolation joints. For inverted roofs, the most common cause of leaks is a failure of flashing around roof penetrations and isolation joints. Our team will determine the cause and offer you the best solution for your roof.

The most likely cause of leaks during heavy rain are blocked drains and a design failure around roof penetrations and isolation joints. Your roof is designed to be waterproofed up to a certain level, and if the water pools on to your roof due to a blocked drain or extreme rain, it can cause leaks. It is important to regularly clean roof drain filters. We offer maintenance packages for our roofing systems to ensure your investment is propeply maintened.

If the leak can be identified at a specific point and is a localised issue, then it is possible to spot reapir the leak. The team at Walton will work to determine the area of leak and whether it is a localised issue or a more broader issue with the roof.

We use cold applied materials with low VOC levels to reduce the risk of damage to your property and its occupants. When possible, we also maintain low sound levels and the compofort of the occupants is considered when designing and proposing solutions.

While most combo roofs come with a 25 year guarantee, it's important to note that some of the materials used within the combo roof system do not have a 25 year life-span. If your surface is cracking or peeling, it's most likely that the protective coat on your roof has degraded. Our refurbishment service applies a new protective coating to extend the life of your roof and reduce the chances of leaks.