Metal Roof Waterproofing

Our metal roof waterproofing service fully refurbishes your roof and rain gutters, repairing and replacing damaged fixings, removing and treating for rust and coating it with a modern, energy saving waterproof system.


We use a seamless, flexible roofing system to create a waterproof layer and guarantee its effectiveness for up to 10 Years.


We use materials designed for the harsh summers of the region, extending the life of your roof and improving your ROI.


We use a highly solar reflective topcoat that reflects more UV rays. This leads to lower ambient and intenral temperatures and lower cooling costs.


Our system is cold applied and poses no danger to the occupants of a structure. That means your factory, warehouse or office will not have to close while we work on the roof.


If your roof gets damaged due to mishaps by third parties, it’s quick, easy, and cost effective to spot repair.


Our roofing system requires no special chemicals to clean, lowering your maintenance costs.


Improperly installed metal roof fasteners can damage the sealing fisher and cause leaks to occur when water flows over them.

If your metal roof is starting to develop rust, the rust shoud be removed before it causes permanent damage. If the roofing sheets have rusted through, they can be patch fixed depending on the extent of the damage.

If the leak can be identified at a specific point and is a localised issue, then it is possible to spot reapir the leak. The team at Walton will work to determine the area of leak and whether it is a localised issue or a more broader issue with the roof.

We use cold applied materials with low VOC levels to reduce the risk of damage to your property and its occupants. When possible, we also maintain low sound levels and the compofort of the occupants is considered when designing and proposing solutions.

During rain, roof penetrations can act as litte dams for water flowing down the roof. If not propely flashed, water can leak through the penetrations.